The Ramble: A Word on September

September is my time of renewal, my personal New Years. It is a time of fresh starts and pent up energy. A time for making decisions and setting routines. There is something about the chill in the air, the time of preparation before we Canadians meld with the woodwork and live low during the cold winter months. Traditionally, we’d get it on and reproduce! In the new age though and in my case just produce! Lots of work can be done with artificial lighting in those dark days of just three hours of natural sunlight. It is no wonder that I am a night person- I was raised in the mountains! Those towering entities cut us off from/or give us the sun’s rays a good six hours later than in other flatter Canadian scapes. This may seem obvious to you but I have just put two and two together. Oh the formative years and what they do to us! I am making my fall supply order today (please please let Ceramics Canada have kiln plate stackers in stock or be able to get them with in two weeks!) and dreaming of my studio and on this first day of September the bounty of early fall pervades!


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