Techno-ology/Issue: Computer Rebellion

Keysley, my computer, is rebelling! After four years of exposer to tropical climates, clay studios, sand dunes and bathrooms electrodes are misfiring and things are short circuiting. On any given day any number of keys will stop working. Today my delete key and enter key stopped. My left handed shift key hasn’t worked in a year. I learnt that you can delete characters in front of the cursor in most applications (wordpress excluded!) by hitting “control d”, thank goodness. But there is no replacement for the enter button. So I took out Keysley’s battery put him in the sun (thinking moisture might be the culprit) and hoped for the best. My enter key is now working! But who knows when the party will be over and I will be without computer. It is amazing how one little change in keyboard routine can make you slow down and re-evaluate some motor control coordination. My hands just don’t always do what my brain tells them to! I find the voice that lives in my brain is having to say “back, control d” every time I make a mistake. Boy has it come to my attention that I make a lot of them.

This cognitive commanding narrative voice isn’t a new trait of mine. On one memorable winter afternoon in a ceramics seminar my teacher did something horrible on his mac that was connected to a projector for all of us to see. I just couldn’t control myself and the voice came out of my mouth saying “Control zee! Control z!”- undo undo. Everyone looked at me in silence and the teacher slowly hit control z once he figured out what the words I was saying meant, you know put it into a computery context. He did it, everyone still silent, it worked and the screen was reinstated to its normal state. He looked at me nodding and said “control z”. I reckon he has a voice in his head that dictates computer control commands to him too. Mine was just a bit more verbose and quick. Alas, here is a link to a page with all the commands you ever have wanted to know and are pre-programed into most of your computers. What key do you think will go next!?


If I disappear from the blogging sphere you will know why.

Keysley needs a spa day.

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