Issue: Moo Paper Choices and Enviro….

It has all been business promo what have you up in here the last week. I am getting my product packaging in order! New business cards were needed badly! I was gungho for the recycled paper and then they tell me no rounded corners if you go green! And so Enviro vs. Esthetic was the theme of the day. To my surprise, I stuck to my rounded corners. I sort of get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it and so in the next batch of  mini moo promo cards Enviro all the way! Alas, I decided and got on with things. I opted so get a PDF of my designs made to check it all over (see below). As the Moo site generated my file this popped up and made me infinitely happy, especially as I only read it after upon seeing that it would take more than 30seconds I went and grabbed a bit of zucchini chocolate loaf came back, there it was!

Anyways, cards ordered! Check. Look:


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