Issue: A New Place, Old Places

Patterns in Time.. I was organizing photos, or trying to anyways. It is a project that will take years. I have at last all of them in one place and backed in two others and am using a new spiffy program- Lightroom. I am not sure what we are supposed to do with all these pictures. Good pictures. Pictures that say something subtly of my past. This is one (the one above) is of the only pictures I have of where I lived while doing a residency at MMAQ in Quebec. I was a bit of an insomniac then. I just ran with it and my art was happy and flourished. I lived in my ideal furnished musty antique loft in downtown Quebec City with wonderful people. That pitcher on the ground was the established door stop when I arrived! Need I say more? (P.S great idea for potters, have a fave jug that isn’t table worthy? Fill it with rocks and use it as a door stop!) As the fire season ends and so this summer it is take to think of moving to a new place. I can’t do that without remembering all the old ones.


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