Techno-ology: Spoonflower Printing

Thanks to some knowledgeable artists in Australia, last year someone mentioned online digital printing on fabric. is an online American site that allows you to upload your designs, prints them on various fabric choices and gets them to you in a weeks time. It is also reasonably priced, depending on what you are using it for. I have had the perfect layered fabric hang tags in mind for my pots for three years now. Today is the day they started to become a reality, for nine cents a tag, including shipping. I designed uploaded and ordered, just a bit of labour awaits my dream hang tags! (Today I also rediscovered that Ani DiFranco is great, made Chile and am putting the finishing touches on my business card designs!). Here are some previews of how the Spoonflower interface works….it is incredibly user-friendly.
1) Design your fabric:

2) Upload your image:

3) Choose image size, fabric and amount:

Badaboom badabang! Fabric. We’ll see what it is really like when it gets here!

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