Issue: Sharing Food

Mealtime is steeped in ritual, yummy yummy ritual (most of the time). Mealtime provides culture with a basis of etiquette and eloquence. It is a time for the family and friends to get together and dish. Food is always better shared. I have had this scan of a plate just waiting for the time I could use it to address how we eat our food and with whom. Last week some fire fighters were stranded out here, hungry after a long day of work, so I fed them, we had food together, ensemble. A picnic on the airstrip of greens from the garden and borsht. After their helicopter finally showed up to whisk them away, I did the dishes alone. It was the only time this season I have actually felt alone, felt a pang of regret towards my isolating job. Other luckier souls that have found themselves at Muskeg Tower these days and have been force fed blueberry pie or dark chocolate zucchini loaf.

I long to share food. I love to share food. Good hospitality is synonymous with the offering of sustenance. It is an urge I can not resist, hostess indeed. I got a text message today from a friend with whom I cook with once a week when I live back in civilization. She wrote, “Aaaaahhhh. I have the overpowering urge to FEED SOMEONE(S) and I don’t have a computer to find hungry people”. Oh how I understand that! No facebook to wrangle people together for a potluck!? It makes it a trifle harder. Calling people? Daunting but more direct. Just think of the time the mail came twice a day! You could invite someone to dinner with the morning post, get their response by noon and find them on your doorstep come dinner time. CBC Radio One the other day was talking about kids and technology and their time spent hooked on devices rather than traditionally interacting with others. The solution? Mealtime. We all have to eat right? There are those in this world unable to eat now and so we must celebrate our food with others and pay homage to food.


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