Exhibition Proposal: The Ministry a Curio

What happens when you get to gals talking and ideas flowing? Proposals!

Exhibition/Experimentation Proposal
The Ministry of Casual Living, November 2011
The Story and the object
We all have our stories individual and cultural, real and imagined. Through the retelling of these stories and thus their eventual documentation history is made, recorded and altered. Objects give our tales vitality, proof, reference. The object in conjunction with story sews the seed of dogma, the contrived structure of logic. We organize, compare, catalog, searching and searching for truth. We document and tag to justify. Our stories and our objects are intimately intertwined. How can we judge and surmise where the truth between the two lies? When does lore spit the fire of truth? When does the physicality of an object deceive? Does it matter? We are a culture fixated on objects. A culture made of objects, so many undervalued objects. Each object has layer upon layer of data, so many untold stories. The value of every object is denoted by story, by imagination, by documentation. How can we function as we do in a state of object disposability all destined to never decompose, without adding tell tale layers of meaning? Do we not believe in the power of word? Is our constructed hierarchy of Art and Law too static and powerful to question or challenge? As waste piles up, we must learn to cherish objects, give them stories of/and worth.

The Ministry as Curio (What!?)
We will make the Ministry a Wunderkammer, a wonder room full of curiosities of our culture. In the spirit of old cabinet of curiosities we will layer the Ministry walls with stimuli and information to promote a commentary of ourselves and our objects. Discovered layers of culture will be exposed to the senses via projections of pop culture, documentaries on environment, sound recordings, visual data, segments of media clippings, old objects, event bulletins and photos anything and everything present in the days during the experiment. The layers of the Victoria City daily scene, will all be construed in a new light organized, categorized, labelled (please see standard label below)- all cause for inspiration. We will create a tiny world of science filled with lighthearted experimentation, a reflection of the inner most workings of our brains and culture. The careful consideration of the objects we come across and add to the Ministry collection will, with the proper documentation and storytelling, shape a dogma of intrigue and imagination and ultimately serve as a rebuttal to established Art systems. With the     Wunderkarmmer we will exemplify the power and value of wonder, awe and curiosity.

Our objective story line (How)
We will interact as newcomers everyday in the Victoria City culture, participate and observe morning and night, and mingle with the locals. Every morning for 15 days we each will collect an object from the city, catalog the object and give it a story. We will talk and discuss, muse, ruminate, create dialogue, write a story and subsequently perpetuate the legacy of the found object. Such investigation is cause for inspiration. Every afternoon we each will make a new ceramic item (cup, plate, sculpture, ring, spoon, earrings, cufflinks?) to commemorate the object and story. Each evening the new commemorative item will be fired in a small 120V portable kiln. The next day the objects will be placed together on display, cited and defined with data and story that bind the two together.

A collection will gather, the stories will accumulate and in the end a world of wonder, of tale and thing, will result on display. To conclude the experiment all items will be photographed and documented. A catalog will be made and self published. An auction and exhibition will be held in the end and new homes found for these commemorative wonders (all proceeds to be donated to charity). The story written for the curiosity will be read aloud when bidding begins for the commemorative item and we will see if story does indeed enhance value. The point- to call attention to our ideas around the objects in our lives and how we value them via narrative.


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