Techno-ology: External Hard Drives

If you have been reading this blog since the get go (a year and a half now!) you may recall my joy upon getting a scanner last summer. The scanner led to the digitizing of many documents and physical things and storing them on giant external hard drives. Giant only in their capacity, the new drives out there are smaller than a walkman and can be thrown in your satchel and go along for the ride. The scanner also helped my ability to share the physical via the blog. In a letter to a friend I have, however, expressed thoughts of procuring a filing cabinet- for some reason an orange one- for all those things that just can’t be digitized or ought to exist in both dimensions. I can just hear that screech of the metal rails grinding upon opening any file cabinet. I am a filer. I always have been. My first job dare I say at the age of 12 was as a file clerk in the ol’ family business and dare I say I still work in that capacity when needed to this day. That sound is etched in the every fiber of my soul. I have qualms about the digital world- namely that with the loss of fossil fuels the internet will cease and the production of all plastic petrol based things aka elctronics. ALL of them, this will unweave the mesh of the world we know. Sure my ol’ laptop, Keysley, will be running on solar power but that data and how we access will be forever altered. (Side note: On CBC Radio yesterday I heard the Internet defined as the “accumulated knowledge of all humanity”! We just access it when we need- few actually remember things anymore. I am just saying all those facts, all that data won’t be there for us some day soon). Anyways, the scanned things and my giant music and photo catalogs meant for the acquisition of several external hard drives- you do need back ups for your back ups after all. Right? A response came in reply to my letter dealing with file cabinets and scanners and questioning the digitized vs. physical. A good letter it was. I must quote from it now.

Thank you scanner (my scanner does not have a name as my computer does). Thank you Ryan! Loose leaf paper! Now that is another post all onto itself. Its love was unrequited for so long and now I am making up for lost time. I have booth the traditional thin variety and an extra special thick count loose leaf! The moral of the story is back it up baby! Hard copy or digi, your house may burn down, your laptop may get stolen, the “civilized” world may end. It is all pretty impermanent so try and make it last a little longer.

P.S. The WD lil’ terrabite you can see at the top of my post is my new data holder and I am a fan. Tis simple and small and plain- perfect… until it crashes….


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