Sketchbook: Birds

I have always had a thing for birds, as you can see from my pots.

A Raven, a giant raven, landed a meter away from me last week as I was climbing the tower. We both stalled in mid air waiting each other out for 15 mins. Him cocking is giant raven head from side to side to get a look at me with either eye, then smacking his giant raven beak against the steel beams of the tower, like sharpening a knife, then prancing back and forth giant talons clenching the scaffolding. The creator of it all, the trickster. Sure enough two days later on a misty foggy morn the moist forest air reverberated with the endless calls of ravens conversing. No less than 24 ravens invaded the yard coming in waves to perch upon the spruce tree line. What were they saying?


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