Playlist: Stereolab

I was writing a letter yesterday, as I often do. In the letter I could not something about Stereolab and I think I’ve pinpointed just what it is. It is orchestrated angelic sound waves prone to extensive help but dedicate a page or so to the music of Setereolab that was in my headphones. This is how I described them. “There is reverberating, squelching pitches of noise in the most elegant way. That is how a wide variety of people are so inclined to listen to them. You can be a classical violinist and dig their complexity. You can be a hard-edged rocker and lament their experimental edginess.”

Today I read this about their musical style “Stereolab’s music combines a droning rock sound with lounge instrumentals, overlaid with singsong female vocals and pop melodies.” Perfect and Oh boy is there a lot to listen to. Stereolab is a prolific the amount of music they had released is staggering. Just check it out! They are also the kind of band you want to own on vinyl.

Please please go check Stereolab out you’ll be glad you did!

You can also download my radio show that features them this week by clicking here.

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