Notes from solitude.

I have found myself collaborating and writing and writing. Notes collected abstractly in esoteric fragments are the beginnings of what can be and will be finite theories and ideas. It will only take my entire life.

Here are some notes from the proposal that is taking form as we speak: The Isolation Project.

Solitude and Isolation are both constructs/concepts that occur in two ways, physically or cognitively either way it is our sentiments and psyche that is effected.
Solitude- a state or situation of being alone.
Isolate- to be or remain apart from others.
Our actions can isolate us. Our thoughts can isolate us. Our location can isolate us.
In our modern day of age with narrowing frontiers and ever expanding modes of transport and communication physical isolation is rare and an isolation constructed by society is common. The truth is that we often isolate ourselves by way of routine or cultural faux-pas. Etiquette (cultural construct) stops you from striking up a conversation with a passerby in the city, in small town you may not pass a person without a chat. With the past exodus from farm to city anonymity is more prevalent than ever in history. Ours is a different story, one of physical isolation akin to that of the pioneers before us, that has resulted in the contemplation of self, of society and of what solitude means, how it functions and how it effects us all.
By being physically isolated the we grapple with cultural solitude by way of artistic expression, experiments, explorations.
“To be a part, that is fulfillment for us: to be integrated with our solitude into a state that can be shared.” Rainer Maria Rilke
“Solitude is a truly interior affair, and to realize this insight and live accordingly amounts to the best and most helpful form of progress. This is ultimately  a matter of things that are not quite in our control, and success, which is after all so simple, is comprised of thousands of factors: we never quite know what.” Rainer Maria Rilke
Bearing witness
Perhaps the most human desire is that to have someone bare witness to our lives. Propaganda is always promoting the individually to become active in a community to participate  to belong but, at the core we know that we are alone, that solitude is necessary and should be taken seriously and cherished, that no one can bare witness to our innermost workings.
Humans are pack animals.
In search for solitude.
“Ultimately, this is what constitutes the events and value in the world: that time and time again one hears of someone who has said things that one has thought only obscurely and who has done things that one had expressed only at an moment. Such things make you grow. This awareness of conduits and lines reaching from distant solitary figures and from us to god knows where and to whom, this I consider our best feeling: it leaves us alone and yet simultaneously patches us into a great community take hold and help an hope.” p.37 Rainer Maria Rilke
Reprieve from ordinary life, not a reprieve from one’s self.
A nomad is never alone.
A nomad is always alone.

Home is where the heart is.
With whom is your heart?


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