Techno-ology: Spark & Google

While we’re on the techno streamline how about another post!?

I tune into CBC on a dinosaur of a Walkman pumped through a communications speaker, every now and then while perched above the trees. Last Sunday around 1:30 I found myself tuned in to Spark “a weekly audio blog of smart and unexpected trendwatching. It’s not just technology for gearheads, it’s about the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us.” The show was one about how Google knows us so well and how we should be worried about it. If you and I right now in our respective locations typed in the same word, the search engine would give use entirely search results catered by an immense amount of data collected about our pervious searches, pervious searches of people like us, location, time of day etc.  I never purposely listen to Spark, I just stumble upon it and am always very impressed. As a freind told me this week “CBC can be great in the studio, it also sometimes isn’t” another friend pointed out the CBC isn’t designed to have people listen to it ALL day- like people in my position often do. It is so odd getting hourly Edmonton traffic updates when you live so far from any roads. Thus, you can get the podcasts and listen at your leisure and nix the mundane updates. Click on the photo above to be re-routed to the Spark Google Episode!



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