Playlist: Entrance

 The Entrance Band from Chicago has been filing my ears with tales of a wandering man contented with his ways, ear screeching fiddle and blunt slow annunciated vocals tell me the story. “Here I go again done that lonesome road again”. Wandering Stranger is their second album, released in 2004 and there  have been two more since. It is superb. It was meant for me. It is the only album I’ve dedicated time to as of late and with son titles like: Wandering Stranger, Darling, Happy Trails, Lonesome Road, Train is Leaving and Rex’s Blues, it is no wonder I like it so.

The video below certainly shows that the band has taken a turn towards Psychedelic rock. Though shockingly different from my earlier exposure to them. I too can dig and find it great to witness artists expanding and growing, as we all must.

Click on the slide!Click on the slide!


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