Sketchbook: Eyes on the skies

Horizons. There is something about the horizon… I stare at it all day and I’ve used the statement “expand my horizons” in more than one pitch. What is it about the horizon that enchants so? Its stagnant yet changing, subtle yet abrupt. I came across a great montage on a friends blog ( of the prairies out the window whizzing by on the Trans Can. It is a scene I know well the landscape blurring by at 110km an hour morphing into subtle hues and lines. There is something so magical about that big sky and never-ending line on the road. The prairies are captivating in their way. On the last day in the prairies I climbed a small knoll and could see forever  over the subtle rolls of land. I thought, I must come back here. I am a mountain girl by nature and I feel exposed and vulnerable in that great expanse. Discomfort is something a artist can work with. Industry on the flat land is also so much more imposing than in more varied terrain. There are many a more where these can from posted on my flickr account ( I upload a day of the trip every week, so there is still more to go but, you can get a feel for the adventure.



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