Foodie: There is more. Ready for a second helping?

I have been ignoring my photos. Today I am sorting and sending and remising. There was a Crew of Firefighters here for the day last week. I was climbing my ladder and one says from beneath “Are you on a diet or something? You look skinnier then last time I saw you.” I saw this guy a week ago, I didn’t stop to think it was odd or inappropriate, (especially since he hadn’t spoken a word to me earlier in the day)  I just kept climbing snickering and said “What!? Are you kidding? I am a potter. I love food way too much to jeopardize meal time!” Ok. Maybe I have lost a bit of weight (thank you running every other day and biking in the cupola) or just seem more comfortable in my skin (thank you the booty short contest between me and a friend). Anyways, I eat super healthy and well out here. They say once you get accustomed to good fresh oil you can taste the rancidity in most other oils. When a camp of firefighters were here for a while I was brought a breakfast with potato tots in the morning. Only to exclaim “tatter tots!” I swear it has been years since I’ve had prefab tatters. However, my joy was quickly neutralized when I could taste the rancidity of the oil used in their cooking. Then the joy was reinstated when I realized my palate is maturing without me knowing it! It was interesting indeed. Anyways, here are some of my creations this last week:

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