Playlist: Young & Sexy

I have a radio show. Yes. Yes I do.
This week hear bands that I always listen to in pairs: Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, Young&Sexy with Belle&Sebastian, Holly Fuck and Hella! Download the MP3 by clicking the link!

Young and Sexy. What a great band. Their 2002 album Stand Up For Your Mother  is my favortie, and oddly enough the only one I don’t own. Panic When you Find it and Life Through One Speaker are also great.  The band is soft and sensual, great for the background in a studio or party. I re-vamped my music rotation last week and was so pleased to here this band in the mix. They sooth me like an old friend. Their compilations also make for great headphone music too! I have known them quiet intimately that interface.

A wonderful ironic thing has just happened! When I listen to a band and album in the studio and then decide to feature it here, I am forced to give you lovely folk links to click and references to reference. This is a dangerous endeavor for me. I don’t have the luxury of clicking and clicking to load and load pages due to wi-fi restrictions (the price for living off the grid!). Precious little data can be spared! My new rule while on the web is: load the page once and get everything you’ll ever need from the page never to load it again! This is fretfully difficult for me as I am a clicker to the core. Anyways, I am inevitably led to the record label website of each band I post about. This in turn leads to articles of many other superb bands and alas I am at once is teattering of the edge of the rabbit hole. Mint Records signed Young & Sexy and did well to (they also signed Neko Case, Hot Panada and The Pack AD, touring in the West right now! Catch em’ in my home town of Nelson tomorrow!). I have yet to actually meet another person who has heard of Young & Sexy, which is a crying shame. Those that do like them in my little shpere, like them because of my long standing love affair with the band. I must remember to start bringing them up in bar conversations. Perhaps this is how I’ll know I’ve found my soul mate. Heck, the band name “Young & Sexy” is a myriad of pick up lines just waiting to happen. O.K., so the wonderful ironic thing… I am reading the Mint Record’s blurb on Young and Sexy and I find this quote “Young and Sexy play vividly pretty orchestral pop anchored by confident instrumental skills and Brit-inflected vocals. The closest comparison is Belle and Sebastian, but with song titles like “The City You Live In Is Ugly”, Young and Sexy don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as the moody Scots.” – Montreal Mirror.

What!? Remember yesterday’s post of never having an original idea!? Well, I have a little indie rock show on a local co-op radio station. Every week there is a theme. This week it was “Brotha from anotha”. I realize I always pair bands together, hence the theme. One band making me want to listen to another and so on. Well, I always pair Young and Sexy with Belle & Sebastian (check out my past post about Belle and Seb here) and did so on my show, only to read this today! Anyways, listen to Young & Sexy. You’ll be glad you did.

As Young & Sexy sings “It’s the thoughts in our minds that make us sexy as hell”. And you know there is nothing sexier than ceramics so keep thinking!

Remember that links are always in grey text, and most images take you to the place of thier origin by clicking.


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