Techno-ology: History

Once upon a time, a royal heiress named Jacqueline threw some small jugs she made out the window of a tower she was trapped in.  Thus began pottery making in Holland…

Yes! Yes! I may be suffering delusions of grandeur but, when I read this I said “Yes yes! That is me!” I am trapped in a tower I want the pottery making to perpetuate! My ceramic projects this season do not have me physically touching clay but rather, just include long days of thought and deliberate mark making.  “The Techno” posts of Tuesdays are usually science or process based tid bits to help fuel the urge for reasearch. What I have neglected to mention, though have alluded to, is an element crucial to the ceramic practice.

I have found in life that one can never really have an original idea, as to live life is to accredit your thoughts and morals to the path you’ve led and those around you.  I have stated before that artists just reinterpret, reconfigure, alter. Take for instance the first ceramic vessels, they pop up all over the world at various times “invented” by various civilizations not in contact with each other. Their origins certainly separate but thier originality debatable. If someone somewhere else is thinking and doing the same as you, void of contact or knowledge to either party, can they really be deemed original thoughts or tasks? I bring this up to cement our thoughts in that of collaboration and influence to lead to the point that ceramic history is the pillar that all modern ceramic craft must stem from ans pay homage to.  A lovely bi-monthly blog, “This Day in Pottery History” gives us vignettes of ceramic history. I have certainly thrown things out of my 110ft fire tower before, on purpose (to try to persuade a bear not to break into my cabin where my dog awaits his arrival barking madly) and by accident (I regret to inform you that cherished retro glass lined thermoses don’t fare so well from such great heights). To think the tradition was started in Holland so long ago just goes to show who connected we can be to the past with out our knowledge.  So, go. So, read! See what brilliant original ideas of yours find their origins in our past. I am always surprised at how others tribulations or successes can aid in ones own vein of work.


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