Issue: There is a new Artist Statement in the works. What do you reckon?

I (relish) find (contentment) comfort in the mundane but can’t help but want to shatter the monotony of the everyday. Being a potter is my way of revolt, my way of spreading a philosophy that the everyday is exceptional. A (quiet) revolution is cooking in my kiln and in my kitchen. By surrounding ourselves with art we use daily the interaction gives (fosters) additional dialogue and depth to our days.


Making pottery is a way of thinking. A way of working it out, whatever “it” may be. Through making (and regarding and using) I contemplate the fast pace lives we live and time itself, deliberate on cultural complexities, our way of sharing, learning, destroying. I ruminate on respect and impermanence. I think of home, nature and globalization through clay and the hand crafted vessel. Ceramics does not give me peace of mind. It fuels my notions. I can try to use lofty words to contextualize my practice  but, words can do nothing for something that only my ceramics itself can justify.


I’m equally apt to be found sharing a well cooked meal in good company and conversation or making the plates to eat off of. By making pottery I choose a way of being and slowly vessel by vessel   hone my patience and ideologies. Pottery teaches us to take life slow and cherish that which we use and consume.


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