Techno-ology: Radio Ringtone

Oh the day. Oh the days we live in. I have been wanting to change my ringtone for quite some time. I have it on an old fashioned baaaarrrriiing, barrrrrriiing. I liked it. But one day listening to CBC I heard that the grass was greener on the other side. You see I listen to Johnathan Goldstein’s Wiretap radio show. It is about a melodramatic middle-aged man who monologues a lot. It is great. As a gimmick they bust out a ringtone every week. I’ve mused over catch phrases like: How many doilies is too many doilies?  At last one was said on the show that gave me the motivation to wander into cyberspace and figure out how to get a custom ringtone on my iPhone: “Guess what everybody!? I just discovered lemon juice is a great salad dressing!”. A friend says mocking our main man Johnathan. You see I am experimenting with salad dressings. I’d love with every ring of my phone to be reminded to slather some more raspberry vinegar, drizzle some more flax oil, sprinkle some more goat cheese and yes, pour some more lemon juice on my veggies (lemon juice really does make a great salad dressing!). To top it all off the friend was mocking Johnathan saying it was the kind of thing his write on his blog, akhemmm… There are plenty other worthy ring tones so take a gander: and if you need some instructions, the journey into geekdom was super specific and breezy thanks to screen shots and to the organized patient techsuave.


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