Galleries of Canada: Medicine Hat, Alberta (Part 1)

To speak of Medicine Hat is to speak about ceramics. It is the mini mecca our Canadian pottery manufacturing past and now a melting pot of contemporary ceramics. It is the site of Medalta: Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic Site. Complete with museum (under renovation, with the first prototype for a constantly firing circle kiln under excavation!), small commercial studio making pieces for the, gift shop and a newly built bright and spacious studio for residencies. I have shamelessly been to Medalta four times, dragging some good sport each time. Medalta has adult and children’s classes and tours. They are all about the education and the place is brimming with history. There is an online gallery you can browse here with countless stories and images,¬† and three real ones on site! The A. T. (Tony) Schlachter Collection, and two contemporary art galleries. Have I mentioned that I love Medalta yet? And it is just the beginning of Medicine Hat! Here are some pictures to convince you:









Basically the field of ceramics in Canada is lucky to have a expaning and well managed place like Medlata. Out on the West here, there are few public institutions that are doing what Medalta is beginging to, it just gets better with every year and every visit!


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