Playlist: Yukon Blonde

I received some music in the mail. Some of that music was Yukon Blonde. I had no notion of what the music sounded like but, I vaguely remembered someone else mentioning them in one of those “Do you know this and that band?” bonding conversations.  Do you know them? You should! Catch em’ live this summer in Canada somewhere:

Odd how the other day I found myself saying “perhaps I should move to the big bad city and find myself a sexy scenester lover”. Well any of these boys would , with their tight jeans and effeminate yet manly man features. Sure they are prancing around the forest drenched in maple syrup, as all good Canadians do on a regular basis (at least I do!),  but you know that they’re are city boys. Oh, the indie fad of plaid. Not to worry, the old family tartan can’t be cheapened.

P.S If you need a maple syrup container loooooook at this lovely one by the lovely Shannon.


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