Playlist: Um, I have a radio show….

It is called Mangoland and airs on Kootenay Co-op Radio in the Nelson Area on 93.5 FM Wednesday nights at 10pm. But, you can down load the shows from the following links for the next week or so. I then will post the new link of each show on my B Practical Pottery Facebook Page.

Each week there is a theme for the sake of cohesiveness and diction. Enjoy!

Mangoland, 11/06/10, Sharing

Mangoland, 11/06/17, Dancing to keep from frostbite in June

Mangoland, 11/06/01, The Little Things

Mangoland, 11/05/24,  Wild Abandon

Mangoland, 11/05/18, Loves not enough.

Mangoland, 11/05/11, Mother Nature

Mangoland, 11/05/08, Soundtrack


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