Montage: Experimentation for the Nation

Experiment with lines….

Yes please, don’t mind if I do.

I have broken out the India Ink.

It brings me endless joy.

Experimentation can be heavy, it can be light. All I know is that I am constantly experimenting. Sometimes with a pragmatic rigour and sometimes with childlike abandon. More often than not my experiments lay somewhere in-between the two. You can not fail. There are many ways to break out of monotony. One sure-fire way is some good old fashion experimentation. The above quote and line experiment is from “Mess” a book with random pages that give you many many experiments to push your comfort zones. Most of them playing with the conventions of what you ought to do and not do with books themselves. A friend gave this to me, perhaps sensing that I might need some motivation in the most absurd sense.

I wrote to a friend the other day that, “I find contentment and comfort in the mundane but can’t help but want to shatter the monotony of the everyday”

I see now that those sentiments are what drive my craft practice.


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