Playlist: Passion Pit

I have this great memory of waking up really early before I had to start work on the farm (the coffee plantation in Salento Columbia) and standing on the mountain path i pod in hand and ear and dancing my happy morning humid ass off to Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” before my fellow workers woke up and we brewed some coffee.

It is always odd to see music videos to songs you love. Even more odd to see the members of a band you’ve listened to over and over, who speak to you everyday. Because video is the only way I can get audio into my blog I am often forced to see the faces of the folk that sing to me everyday for the first time. It is like being halfway through a really good book and accidently flipping to the inside back cover and seeing the eyes of the author staring at you, it just isn’t right. Oddly enough that is how I feel about Passion Pit. The album Manners is amazing! It pumps and bumps and rumps in such mellow poppy uppity synth symphonic way and what they say strikes a chord with me. The videos on other hand are well, ok. It is just that you can’t concentrate on the awesome music (brilliantly written and recorded) with the mediocre film (good concepts, awkward executions) staring you in the face.


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