Galleries of Canada: Creston

My fellow artist friend Elyse and I decided to take a trip Across Canada and go to as many Galleries as possible. Quite the undertaking considering Elyse doesn’t drive and we only had three weeks or so. But then on the other hand it wasn’t a lofty idea at all. You see I love Canada and have been meaning to do a trek like this ever since the last one, when I moved from Nova Scotia back to British Columbia. We had the time* and the means. Thus the adventure was born and every Friday here you can hop on the bandwagon gallery by gallery, city by town. So thus we start out in Creston, B.C.

Something must be said for Canada- Thank you highway artist signs. How does one get one of those put up on the road anyways? Well, with out the blue artisan signs scattered across the transcanada we would have passed many a more studio by than we already did. The first picture below is a place from just one of those signs… along a dirt road to nowhere. No one was there but it was a nifty looking studio. The nest place we went to in Creston was just of the road: The Alfoldy Gallery, just on th Crowsnest Leaving town. I thought to my self as we approached “Sandra Alfody”?. Naw, you see Sandra Alfodly is head of the Craft department at NSCAD University. Yes. Sandra was born to two painters and raised in Creston! Her mother is delightful and I wanted a watercolor of irises more lush and vibrant then you can ever image, but I had to settle for a card. At the Alfoldy Gallery we talked about our art and she asked me if I had ever been to Gunda Stewart’s Studio? I love Gunda’s work. Upon graduating from Kootenay School of the Arts I bought myself a large jug and then two years later a mug (priced a $25, stand by for a discussion of mugs and their prices in future!) and how could we pass up this opportunity (last three photos)? It turns out Gunda was out shopping and so we chatted with Gunda’s husband, for an hour or so. As in all great artist’s stories there is a support spouse in the background and that was this man. Chopping wood, mixing clay, staking bricks he was the helping hand all artists could use and loved pots as much a a potter. Then Gunda showed up and we got a tour of the kiln! If you are in Creston drive the extra 12mins. to the studio you won’t be disapointed (and be sure to get a salt fired mug!!!)

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