Blogging Once Again…

I never thought the day would come. It is day seven of my forth summer of solitude up here in the North and there have been two fires already and very very little computer use. It always seems the computer things are the ones that build up and up, if they weren’t digital I would have a desk piled high on paper like in one of those cartoons. Some organization is called for indeed. Indeed. Good thing I mastered the whole “what I want my blog to be about” thing last year. The problem this summer is the surmounting amount of things to share. I just deserted my studio, did a trip across Canada to check out the Canadian Arts scene first hand and moved alone to the middle of nowhere Alberta, where I only have access to two hours of electricity a day (see the “I Love My Job” post). But there are 17 hours of daylight here my friend! So I must hereby amend the order of things, blogging things. You see the whole not having a studio bit stunts me in a way. Though I am still doing things potters do… reading, writing, creating, and there is lots and lots to catch up on of the last month of intense studio time, I am faced with the need to show you what I discovered on my road trip across Canada. Bit by bit, step by step, easy does it. These are the phrases that come to mind when I ponder how I should go about all this. Thus, I am taking away “In the Studio” Fridays and subbing in “The Galleries of Canada!”

Sort of. You see I do have a few projects on the go…. like experimenting with third and forth firing techniques so I will tell you about that all later… Let the blogging begin! Again.


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