Studio: Decals and a little love.

Sometimes things just need a little love, sometimes it just takes a little more time. Trimming a plate or bowl could teach you everything you need to know about life. Is that an overstatement? Perhaps when paired with a song a life lesson could be completed. There is a line in a song that makes me feel understood “I could never steal the sadness you feel when your changing you mind”. Am I changing my mind all the time?  Well you ought not change your mind in the middle of trimming and if you so you ought to commit to it. A wise lady just told me you can’t have it all at once- a pot can’t be it all, full of imagery and simple, thick and light, thin and thick. The problem with life is that it is always in flux, none of this stagnent being that you get from a pot in the end. I’ve been wishing I could be in two places at once these days. In Australia and in the Kootenays, driving across Canada and in the studio (Marie, when are we putting that wheel on top of the station wagon and driving and driving?). Once you commit it is alright and that line can be lean and elegant, that foot be thick and sturdy, just take the time to make it so. In my case, there is always a third chance to give a little more love, a third firing: Decals. Which is the decal and which is the photocopy?

Anyways, It has been a busy busy week in the studio, Three firings and lots of throwing…. I am off to Victoria on Sunday to scope out some galleries and places. Then back for another week and a half to finishing up the making and completing. To roam the Canadian roads before heading up north for a summer alone with my thoughts.

Give a little love.


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