In the Studio: Going through the motions

What a week in the studio, it isn’t often that I have so many pieces at so many levels of completion. I like it. I made a set, fired a kiln to bisque and have things waiting for a glaze. It feels like this is a good amount of staggering. It allows me to  experience almost every step in  making ceramics, within the week. Keeping it all fresh and my mind boggled and engaged. I am quite happy with the elk plates awaiting glaze, that will be done today and fired tomorrow unless I opt to do another bisque wich may be the case (to try out my new decals that arrived in the mail this week!).
Earlier this week I was expressing my concern to a friend about only being able to pull off really large plates and small side plates. The standard dinner size plate eludes me. While, it eludes me no more. That one you see there is the perfect weight and size, light in the hand, sturdy at the rim and fits in the average dishwasher. I am also very excited about my new bowl form you can see on the right side of the picture. I even did a little road trip to Oliver this week and sat in a tea house for quite sometime (see the other picture). The bathroom was plastered with teapot postcards! What a week, and another of greater intensity to come!

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