Sketchbook: The Shirt Project

It is no lie that I own a absence number to T-Shirts.
It is also no lie that spring appears to be just around the corner, so the cleaning fever has begun. Round this time of year I was raised to get rid of all the clothing I haven’t worn. My dad will soon be reaching for a cardboard box and scrambling to wear his favorite stained and faded shirts so they meet the deadline and can be kept.

It is this manner of thinking that has decided I not wear a t-shirt twice until they are all worn, and document it all of course on flickr, where you can be kept up to date and see all my shirts in the album “The Shirt Project”. Since most of my T-shirts are Threadless T-Shirts and they give you store credit if you picture yourself in their shirts and upload them to the site (Sounds like a viscous cycle of accumulating more shirts, or giving more as gifts!). Thus the project has begun.

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