Answer: Gwendolyn Yoppolo

And the answer is….. Gwendolyn Yoppolo! A post ago my friend asked “Who makes this teapot?” and through the worldwide web two other friends (thanks Carly and Char) came up with the answer. Check out these supple lush organic undulating brilliantly functional pots:

See what Gwendolyn has to say in regards to these forms” “The rhythm of contemporary culture is rapid, beating as the eye blinks in response to a barrage of information.  My life as a maker beats with a slower cycle of designing, making, reflecting, and redirecting.  My work is in counter rhythm, providing people with a disruption in the typical rhythm of their lives.  Abstract form and quiet surface lead viewers into the core of their own silences, where they can uncover and develop their own meanings and associations.”


2 thoughts on “Answer: Gwendolyn Yoppolo

  1. jim says:

    hi bridget,
    i totally dig gwendolyn’s pots too, yum. i think she’s out at the archie bray in montana or at least she was this past summer. happened upon the blog in wordpress’ tag surfer, i like the way you’ve got it set up and all the to-do lists and drawings. nice pots too.

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