In the Studio: A slave to the Man.

Ok. I didn’t get into the studio enough at all. A bit here and there but not enough to quench my thirst. I worked 8-5 for the Man this week. At the beginning of the week I was excited about how using the left of my brain drew me closer to the studio. But then essential life needs dragged me away after work I’d go for a swim, then eat, walk the dog and sleep all energy drained. And my goodness my back hurt, sure as a potter you are sitting and leaning all day but whew that is nothing compared to typing 5 hours a day, ouch.

Enough complaining some great things did happen this week. I rediscovered the joys or reading (I finished reading “The Peaceful Warrior”) and sketching and people watching. It was Valentines Day, and I got a rose. I started a new whimsical project with my boy. I drove on a ferry which lead me to making a blended macadamia cayane pepper dip. I got a postcard from Ecuador, found my favorite dish rag, saw great patterns on the inside of bill envelopes, sent work to a gallery and used my new tripod for the first time. I went to a cooking class and got some new photo editing software. It seems productive after all…

Plus I used my scanner to make you all this montage of my lack of studio week.


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