Opportunity: A Plate A Day Entries!

The wonderful blog A plate a day. is having a plate competition. Plates are my most favorite thing to make and to look at so needless to say I frequent the blog quite often.

The plate is the perfect utilitarian canvas for expression. I spent my whole last year at NSCAD just making plates and playing and playing. That is where I made submission #3. I made 100 chargers with portraits of my family members on them and had a show lining them all up as an abstract family tree, all that was missing was dinner for 100 and the whole family. Portraiture has always been a passion of mine and it allows me to use my camera in combination with my ceramics. The images are doctored in Photoshop and transferred using a photocopy technique. After NSCAD I did a residency at MMAQ where I pitched a proposal to explore self portraiture and patter on (you guessed it!) plates! That is where and when submission #2 was made.  At last I tackled pattern and brought color and more layers of visual complexity into the mix and created a body of work called Patterns in Time. Where I made stamps and used slips and glaze to created spaces of bright and spaces of quiet. Lastly but certainly lot leastly is submission #1 from my current product line “Everyday Ungulates”. I have so much fun making this work and the Goat line on white porcelain with blue poke-a-dots (done with a syringe) is one of my favorites. The plate pictured was purchased during Christmas time this year and just the other day I recognized the owner on the street and she told me “I love my goat plates!”. Nothing could make me happier. I hope you enjoy them all too. You can read the guidelines for the competition and see what people are posting by clicking the icon to the left.


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