Playlist: Plants and Animals


That is right folks they are playing in Nelson this Monday. I will be there and you should be too. Back when I live in Nova Scotia and these boys were opening for Wintersleep I went to see Plants and Animals. Their 2008 album (pictured directly above) is what won me over. There are four songs on Parc Avenue that compete for my favorite but I just can’t choose (wait, ok I am choosing and the winner is “Good Friend” because off its lyrics and beat. We all want to take such a long long time, and give every thing up for grabs and say all the little things, but what really want to do is dance.)  and every song is solid. Check out their poppy yet strong and harshly chorded songs. They will impress you.


Playlist: I love music and it consequently is in my potting life. It enhances the studio all the time and therefore my process. It is a bit of my life I would like to share. So I will post up an MP3 from the week, links concerning the band, and a personal review of the album. Likewise with the other review categories.



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