Playlist: Booker T & The MG’s

Booker T & The MG’s are one of my all time most favorite bands. Their music is perfect if you’re on a role in the studio or in the back ground at a party, or in the foreground of a party!  Listen up folks! Arts influences art. I once wrote that “I want my pottery to be like a modern day folk song”. Well there could be some jazz and funk and soul thrown in there too. Pots gots to have soul. I have never seen the members on the band except from on their record covers and sleeves which are usually wicked…

In the blogsphere to get folk to hear tunes you have to embed a Youtube video. Youtube is still a foreign concept for checking out old bands in my psyche but check out what I found! This video is so great.

Playlist: I love music and it consequently is in my potting life. It enhances the studio all the time and therefore my process. It is a bit of my life I would like to share. So I will post up an MP3 from the week, links concerning the band, and a personal review of the album. Likewise with the other review categories.


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