Playlist: Sarah Harmer


Sarah Harmer is one of those women, one of those strong yet sultry singers. She has a slew of solid albums, all a pleasure to listen to. I was just checking out the play counts on my i tunes and well the song “Oleander” has a wopping 24, I love that song. I can play maybe 5 songs from memory on the guitar and that is one, I even sing along. Not that anyone in their right mind would actually listen, I am not the best singer and rarely take the time to coordinate strumming and singing. I am telling you all this in hope that you realize how much Sarah Harmer has meant to. I have turned more than one potter onto her music through my shameless listening to her and singing along- a conversation starter indeed.

This week Sarah Harmer is on the blog because The Royal in Nelson has brought her to town and the tickets sold out right away, so they booked another show and those tickets are now gone too. I am looking forward to the show and will try not to sing too loudly.


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