List = Schedule

You may have noticed that I haven’t been up dating the “To Do” List section of the blog. I do make “To Do” lists all the time still. But, more informative I think would be a weekly schedule that includes all to be done. Here is this week:

You can see all past weeks and to do lists at the same time on the “To Do List Page” of the blog.

One thought on “List = Schedule

  1. Shannon says:

    We have a few similar goals this week (photography box/take pictures/mix slips). Any chance you have the chartreuse (mason stain #6236)? I’m going to get some when I hit Vancouver later this month but am planning a firing in the next day or so that I’d love to have some for. Anyhooooo, I was so sorry to miss our Monday morning chat yesterday and so appreciate your understanding. Hope you had a good day. xo
    P.S. Hope some of those photographs are for some of the amazing opportunities upcoming as announced on Musing About Mud! Can’t hurt, right?

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