Playlist: Streetlight Manifesto (Mangoland)

Music has been very prevalent this last week. I have been in the car or cozy playing records most of the time. There is something special about sharing music. Tonight I had the pleasure of filling in for the radio show Mangoland that airs every Wednesday on Kootenay Co-op Radio from 10-11. Before the show I attended a potluck/games night and we just decided to move the game, Catch Phrase, down to the station. I got to pull out some vinyl and meander through the shelves of music. I was reminded of how happy Ska music was. Sandi my old co-host was a ska lover thus Mangoland used to be %50 Ska. Her favorite band is Streetlight Manifesto (see video below) and she taught me how to skank, a dance unique to ska (check out some board kids who made a lame but entertaining and educational video below).

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