Sketchbook: The Season for Letters


I found myslef talking about letters and the holiday season today. I said “this is a holiday all about letters, first Christmas letters and then thank you letters”. You see I was raised to get a thank you letter in the mail the day after opening a gift, it usually happens about two weeks later these days. But, at least it happens. I am a sucker for good paper, postage and pattern. There are some wickedly great crads out there. I also dig making them out of random things or found artist cards. I got these in the mail this week (and of course they have ended up in my sketchbook). Two of them are hand made and two of them are found- Australia has propaganda post cards for free on every corner, so great.  I failed when it came to getting Christmas cards out this year, but it is never too late I am thinking around the end of January I’ll get it togather or maybe a summer Christmas postal homage. But if you get me an awesome guest I garentee you you’ll be getting a stellar thank you.


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