Playlist: Ratatat (Question)

So there are these two fellows from Brooklyn who make mad beat, but not invasive beats. Pounding intricate and attractive electro beats that overlap and build in complexity without being overwhelming. These two fellows make up RATATAT. They have many an album and I like and enjoy every single one of the them. They also have a thing for birds… Check them out on MySpace to listen to their tunes and on their Website to see how every single show of their European show is sold out! This show would be amazing. I can just imagine the crown dripping in sweat and getting down.

Ratatat is the kind of music you want in your vinyl collection, or rather I want in my vinyl collection it is avant-garde yet timeless (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence… but it is true…) It is edgy yet classical in its composition, and by classical I mean hair flying, eyes rolling back in the head Chopin madness that is none-the-less mathematically plausible. It is right but none else is doing it. It is also excellent studio music because there is no interfering lyrics, unless it is their rap-remix album… Something about the steady repeating beat that is elaborated on continuously, is akin to working in a series. Something about the beat induces focus. Another nice quality about their music is that I see it being enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

The first video below is actually on the Ratatat website and appropriate as they are in Germany right now. It is German Drug awareness propaganda put to their music, and not by them I might add. The discontent and bleak portraiture appeals to my stark sensibilities, plus the song is wicked but is does make me concerned. Santa Claus makes a flash appearance so it is even seasonally appropriate. The second video is equally as odd and entertaining, remember they have a thing for birds… Enjoy!


I couldn’t resist this photo of Ratatat. I have no idea what is going on here, but I approve, on so many levels… tiedye and plaid, scraggly hair beards and odd reindeer figurines… yes please.

Now thinking back to pottery, the other day someone commented on how it is interesting to see how rustic my pottery has become. This is understandable when compared with some of my white and crisp wares of yesteryear. But, is my pottery rustic feeling? Does it belong in a cabin with a wood burning stove? Part of me thinks it does work there but a big part of me sees it in a 50’s style home with the streamline pastel and chrome electrical appliances. What do you think?


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