Playlist: Dark Was the Night

I love this album. Every song is great and together they make for a good listen in any environment. It is so nice to get a record jam-packed with great artists. It means a gratified and various listening experience with very little effort. Like a good mix tape, the tracks on this one are ordered so there is an ebb and flow of tempos and styles. You can hear all the songs on YouTube by clicking here. You not only can feel good about the music you’re listening whilst listening to this one but also about what the music is doing for the world. The whole project got underway to support awareness for HIV and Aids. It is great to see so many stellar artists collaborating for it. Just check out the line up below. There is also a great website for the album. I got extra excited about a section of it where you can make a customized widget for your website or blog that plays three tracks of choice, alas WordPress won’t support it, so you’ll just have to click on the links to get a feel for what I mean.There are some oldies and goodies in my musical world representing on this album such as…

Then there are some new ones…I am especially excited about My Bright Diamond, who I had never heard prior to this album!


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