In The Studio: Everyday Ungulates

So now that you have seen that crazy schedule, you need to meet the team that made it happen! I did get to break now and then, to eat. Thus, last Monday I found myself out at El Taco with a friend discussing names for my beat up little electric kilns. Here they are!

Elenor is my bisque kiln, she got to stoneware temp. once, but it took here two days to get there! So Henry is my ol’ reliable and  my glazing kiln. A friend asked the other day “whether or not I like the work I was making”? I must admit sometimes I come across as not liking my work. That is because I am always jut a wee bit dissatisfied. It is the quest of perfection that keeps me forever making. I love “imperfections” in accordance to industry standards. The human element, the marks of the fingers embedded in the glaze, that extra drip of slip to me that is what make beautiful pots beautiful. I must admit that every once in a while I catch myself squealing with joy in the dark dank basement in the middle of the night just because I love what I am doing. Like when this set came out of the bisque:

Here is a peak at what I ended up with and the beginnings of my new product line “Everyday Ungulates”. If you have any questions, comments or requests please don’t hesitate to ask, I am always taking orders! Without further adui I introduce to you:

The Mountain Goats

The Caribou & Rams

The Elk

My pots are currently for sale at the 16th Annual Christmas Craft Faire at the Hume Hotel in Nelson. Tomorrow is your last chance to get your hands on them!

In the studio: Updates on studio work pictures and anecdotes posted up all about the secret life of potters, this one in particular.


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