Issue & Playlist: 8 Firings in 8 Days all to the tune of KCR!

I am firing the last firing scheduled on this schedule as we speak. Lots has transpired in the last couple of weeks. In and outside of the studio. I have gotten together with some fellow artists for a now monthly meeting to talk about our studio practices. I also have a fellow potter holding me accountable for my goals. I was supposed to email her this schedule upon its completion, but didn’t, baby steps for me it is. Here it is now that it has been rendered over and over again and the time progressed. This is often how I keep my self on track and figure out if I can do what I need to in time.

This being Wed and the day for music sharing, I have to say I have been listening to the radio all week-long. It is the Annual Kootenay Co-Op Membership Drive and that means that there is all sorts of special programming, live performances and radio programmers spilling their hearts out about how vital KCR is to the community. KCR need annual members to pay for everything. Being a member not only ensures that KCR can stick around, a very needed thing in a corporate controlled world, but gets members sweet deals all around Nelson! 2 for 1 coffee at Grounded! Discounts at Elisons, Helmans Canoes, Gericks Cycle etc. over 40 places in Nelson. Years ago I didn’t have my card on me but still got my 10% off at Otter’s Books. The fact is that we need KCR in this community and that means that KCR needs us to keep it there. Become a member today! Also, KCR has been doing all sorts of new techy things to make becoming a member easy. Pay by online PayPal, pay just a bit every month. Get a membership for someone else as a gift. Keep the Arts alive and well and free. If you don’t actually own a radio, as I know people who don’t you can get podcasts of programs and feed live radio online. See for your self what Kootenay Co-Op Radio is all about on their website or dial into 93.5FM in Nelson.

Remember to check out all the craft fairs out there this weekend Especially:

Mark it one your calendars! You can catch me there at the times shown below.

Playlist: I love music and it consequently is in my potting life. It enhances the studio all the time and therefore my process. It is a bit of my life I would like to share. So I will post up links concerning a band, and a personal review of an album.

Issue: Sometimes there are just issues that need attention. Issues of all kinds are under this heading.

Please note that links are in grey text.


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