The Kiln Book

The Kiln Book by Frederick L. Olsen is the essential book for anyone slightly interested in kilns.
“This book is considered the kiln bible and is well established as a classic in its field.” says A & C Black on Googlebooks, and so right he is. I would not know the little I know about woodkilns without this book. Fredrick has dedicated his life to kilns and his teaching will go forever with this book. I remember a conversation I had with and glaze tech. who was getting her new gas kiln installed- with eyes shining she said- “isn’t it the best!” and it is. Kilns don’t have to be monstrous mysteries because of this book!

The book has ten Chapters:
Chapter 1: Refractory Materials and Applications
Chapter 2: Methods of Kiln Construction
Chapter 3: Principles of Design
Chapter 4: Cross-draft Kilns
Chapter 5: Downdraft Kilns
Chapter 6: Updraft Kilns
Chapter 7: Multidirectional Draft Kilns
Chapter 8: Fuels, Combustion and Firing Systems
Chapter 9 Electric Kilns
Chapter 10; Specialty Kilns, Innovations,  Ideas, Etc.

This basically shows that all the bases are covered. I actually own two copies of this book. You can get it off of the net at Amazon or at any pottery supply store, or the website.. check out

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article. Pease note that all links are in grey text.

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