In the Studio: Simulations of a plate

We all know that I’m a techo wannabe. But, to my dismay sometimes I realize that I am less a wannabe and more of a legit geekoid. For example, a year ago while doing a residency at MMAQ I decided to use Photoshop rashly to see if my finished project was viable. I found in my MMAQ file labels as plate simulation, and well it really did help me visualize what I wanted… then again I found a hardcopy version of the same thing in my sketchbook Check it out:

I use my sketchbook, computer and clay to figure out what will work. When it comes so designing things and getting something that works I get close to what I want when I employ various techniques of investigation. That is what the elk plates are below, an a digital experimentation of something better yet to come. This week is about actually making pots for my (lines and dots) product line of functional ware that will be sold at various Christmas fairs this season and by the end of the year, perhaps and store near you!

In the studio: Updates on studio work pictures and anecdotes posted up all about the secret life of potters, this one in particular.

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