Techno-ology: Photocopy transfer

I use a new and nifty technique to get images onto my ceramics: Photocopy transfers. I first learned of this possibility from Jeannie Mah at the Shadbolt Center Surfacing symposium in 2007 (check out an interactive slide show here and my personal photos on flickr). Since then I have been experimenting with the many possibilities that the method presents.

At fist I was torn as to whether I want this method known to all. But, in the spirit of sharing and promoting a wealth of knowledge about ceramics I have decided to share my process with you all.  I have spoken to those that feel this technique is too limited and does not have a future, I do not agree. But it has caught on because of the high quality transfers you can create with low technology and cost. The question is why are people using the images they are and on what. Since the technique is low tech and effective almost any one with access to the supplies can do it. The trick is getting composition and unity between image and form. Where as 2d imagery can be flashy and attractive, I believe there needs to be more than the simple use of this method to make a good piece of art. There has to be something more to sustain interest in a piece than simple the transfer. I hope that you keep this in mind when viewing other ceramics that use this method.

Here is the method that I have found works best, after three years of playing around (this is not the same method first demonstrated to me by Jeannie):These are past works of mine using photocopy transfers:Please note that links are written in grey text and the above plate photos were taken by Sean Fairbank.

Techno-ology: Info on ceramics- definition, technique, history.


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