Sketchbook: Ducks on the landing

There is this movie called “My Friend Flicka” (below) that I was raised on. It is about a boy on a ranch who wants and untamable troublesome and beautiful wild horse (There is a new Disney version and it is also a novel) that steals his heart away. It is a classic coming of age story and such a time piece. The family has a painting of a ducks flying near a pond hung up on the landing in the house and the boy stares at it when he is working something out or something is wrong and as mom knows best this habit lets her on to his Flicka inspired woes. No wonder I like old cheesy watercolor paintings of ducks and portraits if horses. Above is a sketch and one my talented friend Ben took and gave me:

Sketchbook: Sketchbooks are important. I carry mine about and use it often. I usually don’t let a soul look at my sketchbook- too personal, too sacred. Still, it is a huge huge part of my practice and process. And so I will hark back to the ever so wise teachings of kindergarten and share fragments that some of you might enjoy.

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