Review: Souvenir of Canada

What does Canada mean to you?

I am interested in Canadiana. I love Canada. I love a lot of things that symbolise and represent Canada. Lots of imagery that I use on my pots has been scavenged from my quintessential Canadian childhood and adult Canadian experiences. What is around me greatly influences me and for the most part that is distinctly Canadian nature.

What does Canada mean to Douglas Coupland?

Well, Douglas has made a life long career derived from essential Canadiana. Three books, a movie and an art exhibition of his specifically deal with what makes Canada Canada and why that matters to Canadians.      A Souvenir of Canada is an art exhibition, a book and a DVD of Coupland’s centralized around Canadian motifs that epitomize Coupland’s sentiments.

Douglas is on a life long quest, set on discovering what Canada is, and you can join him. The DVD “Souvenir of Canada” is a lesson in Coupland inspired Canadiana. It is both a time piece of our Canadian past and a snippet of the Canadian now. From Canadian beer, colourful money, the Arctic, YVR, Canadian cupboards, orchards all the way to Ookpik he covers his bases and explains what makes us Canadians Canadian.  Get it from your local library or book store. A highly informative and entertaining DVD, I recommend it to anyone remotely Canadian or interested in Canadians. If you are familiar with Coupland’s fiction (J Pod, The Gum Thief, All Families Are Psychotic etc.) and enjoy it, you’ll love this:

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.

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