Foodie: Mornings are good.

So I got this cook book from the libarary (as you can see). I must admit I am the kind of person who reads cook books,  just like other people read novels (I read those aswell). It makes sense for me to check out recipies and photos of what food is displayed on- both the modern cook book and cooking magazine are as much picture as word and as a potter I get a kick out of the variety of presentation. I also just plain love to cook. I love libraries too- so what a good combo. I have however just recently resorted to online recipies and foodie eye candy, a dangerous but bountiful road. The “Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys” book has it’s online presence with a blog of normal Janes and Joes cooking it up. One other that a friend of mine sent me a link to a food blog with great great photos. Enjoy Foodies! Enjoy.

For the Foodies: Show recipe I’ve cooked in the week and the picture of person enjoying it with beautiful ceramic ware(s).


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