Review: Eating Animals

To Eat the Turkey or Not Eat the Turkey?

I knew that Thanksgiving  might be a struggle for me this year. You see, I have stopped eating poultry and pork, and turkey is my most favorite meat. I used to brag about having two Thanksgiving dinners each year, one of the perks of having an American mom and Canadian dad. So last night I found myself at the Thanksgiving table with the feast and a set of relatives. It turns out saying no to the gracious host and to my favorite succulent bird wasn’t actually that hard. We all know that factory farming is messing up our environment and that our cute little chicks are being pumped full of antibiotics to keep them alive until you can feed them to your growing children. But the convenience and taste keep our taste buds and minds ignoring. It was time for me to stop.

It being Sat. and all it was time for a review and although I’d promised kiln books and soda firing techniques, it seemed appropriate to talk about ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Foer. He is a novelist by trade, and a good one. But he became a father and throughout his life was quite the flexitatrian. He shares many concerns about tradition and our family history around food: The Thanksgiving feast being an example. I too think that eating and socializing go hand in hand (being a potter and all…). So having to feed his son, Johnathan is faced with having to decided what route to take. Thus he takes three years studying factory farming, interviewing and writing. He is entirely on the fence throughout the book and makes the case for ethical eaters, meat eaters, omnivorous and vegos. The below is the last few pages of his book- and they are not the best pages. A good book, an informative book. Foer consecrates his strengths as novelist in making ‘Eating Animals’ a very readable book and although it contains lost of hard facts, he in no way bombards you with them. Read it.


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