Artist: Cathi Jefferson

Today’s artist, Cathi Jefferson, has been a long time favorite of mine. I remember the day that the cup we had in the studio made by her broke. It was a sad day. Luckily, Cathi is out there making pots and loving to make pots. I had the honor to meet her while studying at NSCAD. I had to move to the East coast to meet a West coast potter, oh the irony. Cathi is just what I needed at the time. A time when I was inundated with the industrious and sculptural work of NSCAD, Cathi presented a whole and loving approach to the throwing and firing of wares. Here is a bit about her (whenever I read this blurb I always imagine her speaking these words with an “I” instead of written in the third person, it shows her true nature more than the third person artist bio normality):

That is right Cathi is a beautiful person that makes beautiful pots and she now has a beautiful website complete with the Be Creative Achievement Award seal. A few hours ago I finished skyping with fellow ceramic artist Alana Wilson (who has be own blog). She is off in the town of New Glasgow, NS doing an artist residency that is just getting going. She has quite the spacious studio (enough for four artists says she!). The studio is right next to the library and fire station so I suggested perhaps having craft movie nights (the movie theme must have something to do with my recent subscription to anyways, lo and behold I ran across this video of  Cathi Jefferson. It is so nice to see Cathi working in the studio, she knows what she’s doing and through years and years of practice has a swift operation that she loves dearly. Click on the image below to see her demonstrate decorating techniques!

Another great thing about Cathi’s website is a listing of prices and the option to order her work directly. For both ceramic artists (with Christmas fairs and sales awaiting) and interested buyers sometimes it is hard to guess a work’s price. For all that Cathi has achieved and all the emotion she puts into her work I feel her pots are quite reasonably price and I’d wager that is a very conscious decision on her part. Cathi’s pots are meant to be used. Through interaction with this kind of pottery we create everyday stories and add and add to the worth and complexity of the work. Whether we reflect on the nature evoked by the imagery she choses or the supple quality of line and glaze present in her work there is no way a user can not be effected by this work.

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